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When we ask our members what their favourite thing about RCFNI is they always give the same answer - the community!

To feel part of the great community at RCFNI you really just need to show up to class. We find that people are really encouraged when they are surrounded by likeminded people with similar aspirations. Everyone respects effort, rather than ability, and we believe it is this supportive environment that helps so many succeed.

Team WOD

Every Saturday at 10am we have a 'Team Wod'. This is a CrossFit workout, completed in teams of 2 or 3. All abilities can take part- as normal, everything can be scaled.

We make sure everyone has a team. Come along and meet some people in the gym who you might not train with normally!


Charity Fundays

It's great to challenge yourself, and even better to raise some money for a good cause in the process. Our Fundays are very relaxed in house competitions with categories for RX, intermediate and beginner- so everyone can take part. Usually followed up with some food and a few sociable drinks later that evening!


In House Weightlifting Meet

With a growing weightlifting community we hosted our first in house lifting meet in 2017. Members had the chance to experience the environment of a lifting meet, but with a few rules relaxed. The perfect stepping stone to your first Northern Ireland Weightlifting meet and a great community event for our members.

This event was a huge hit with competitors and spectators. Watch this space for our next in house lifting meet!



The CrossFit Open

Every year, for 5 consecutive weeks, The CrossFit Games announce a workout and CrossFit gyms all across the world gather in their communities to cheer each other on as they each complete it.

It's an electric atmosphere at 'The Friday Night Lights' and is where many members have achieved huge milestones such as their first pull up, or hit a personal best in an olympic lift.

Whether you want to upload a score or not- the atmosphere is a great one to be involved in regardless!



Every year we book a venue in Belfast for the RCFNI Christmas party- one of the best nights out of the year!

We also host the annual 'Christmas Jumper WOD'  on a Saturday morning in December. We all complete a Christmas themed Team WOD, preferably in the tackiest Christmas attire we can find. Christmas music, coffee and donuts always feature heavily :) 



CrossFit Games Party

The CrossFit Games is the biggest competition of the year where the top athletes in the world compete to be crowned 'The Fittest on Earth'. This competition  is streamed online and runs over 5 days. Every year we stream the final at RCFNI and invite members down to watch it together over drinks and pizza.



Local CrossFit Competitions

There are many local competitions for beginners as well as more advanced RX athletes. These are great opportunities for members to challenge themselves and enjoy a team experience together.