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Member Testimonials


'When I arrived at RCFNI I was a little bit intimidated at first but everybody made me feel like home from day one. What I liked the most was the fact that athletes at all levels train together and everyone was willing to help at any time . Amazing people!'


‘Initially I started training at RCFNI to push my fitness to the next level, but after finding out the wide variety of skills that CrossFit involves I have found new ways to push myself and have found things to work on that will keep me coming for a long time. I also think the team/family environment is amazing, there’s always someone offering excellent advice and its great having someone to race (or mostly chase) in WODs. Very different to boxing and running which are both very individual sports.’ 


'The coaches have been fantastic throughout my CrossFit journey. I always appreciate the tips and advice given to me, often outside of class time, when they do not have to help but choose to.

RCFNI has been such a great community to belong to. It's been crucial to keeping me motivated and accountable. I have made so many friends who I hope to be working out with for many years to come.'


'I enjoy training at RCFNI because you are constantly being pushed to your limits physically and mentally, developing new skills, improving acquired skills but you have a bit of craic too!

The community at RCFNI is awesome, the support is incredible and developing some friendly competition makes it just that much more fun. Since starting RCFNI my fitness has got so much better, I'm lifting more than I ever did, I am physically in the best shape of my life and I have trained with a great bunch of guys and girls'



‘I have been going to RCFNI for almost three years now working on strength mobility and fitness . The coaches are always willing to offer advice and encouragement and the class environment is great motivation. The other members have also been fantastic support throughout this time.'

Bronagh and Andres


'‘It takes a special kind of something to get us out of bed at 5.15am every morning, and RCFNI has it. Coaches, with their fantastic teaching skills and attitude, have helped us to gain strength and many new skills. Members, who we now regard as good friends, every morning are encouraging us and inspiring us with their hard work and effort. '



'The reason why I travel to train at RCFNI over any other gym that may be more practical for me is due to the other amazing members! I have never met a more supportive and encouraging group of people. Thanks to RCFNI I have been able to push myself to limits I didn't know I could reach and hopefully I can continue to do so!'



'I train at RCFNI because it's constantly making me an all round better athlete in all aspects including football. I feel fitter, faster and stronger than I ever have and I love trying to get to grips with all the new skills. I love that it's competitive but also the great friendly atmosphere that you get at RCFNI where people constantly encourage you and push you to be better and also that they celebrate with you when you reach your own goals. The coaches are awesome and are always willing to give their time to you to see you improve.'




‘I train at RCFNI because of the great coaches and people in the classes I attend here. Being able to chat away to people and share the pain makes the WODs all the more fun, even if Andy tells me off for talking too much!'


'RCFNI pushes me to be better. From the heavy lifting to the cardio, the WODs are challenging, the people are legends and the coaches are always on hand to help. I have been a member for two years and joining was the best decision I ever made.'



'I’ve been at RCFNI for over 6 years, and even through all the changes the box has been through, athletes and coaches who have come and gone, the same reason remains why I still crossfit here... the community. When I walk in for a WOD I know I am gonna catch up with genuine people who all have the same mission in life, to be the better versions of themselves, that’s our shared goal. To help us do that we have amazing coaches whose styles are so diverse that it is refreshing to be coached differently throughout a week.'