Begin your fitness journey at CrossFit Northern Ireland

Join Northern Ireland's first and most established CrossFit gym, located only 5 minutes from the city centre.

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Why you should join CrossFit Northern Ireland:

  • Community: Join a friendly and welcoming fitness community who support and cheer each other on in their fitness journey
  • Varied workouts: Say goodbye to boring workouts, or not knowing what to do. Complete a new workout each day with a variety of different movements to ensure you receive the full 360 fitness service. Say hello to learning new skills in a relaxed and friendly environment
  • Receive top quality coaching from our coaches who will meet you where you are at and take your fitness to the next level
  • Scalability: All workouts and movements are scaleable, our coaches will take you through the appropriate scales and help adapt each workout for your individual needs
  • Understand how to move, lift and workout safely in a controlled environment, amongst a team who will help you chase health longevity.

We understand that you may want to 'try before you buy.'

Please join us for a free taster session here or fill out the form below.